• PileMedic®

    A patent-protected FRP solution for the repair and strengthening of infrastructure worldwide.

    PileMedic® has significant design and material property advantages. It's a rapid structural repair system for marine piles, bridge piles, timber piles, bridge columns and more. Public and private institutions all over the world are choosing PileMedic® over conventional jackets.


  • Case Study: Timber Pile Restoration Under Concrete Dock

    The largest agricultural port in the US has a concrete and timber dock with 500+ timber piles exhibiting extreme deterioration. The 12” timber piles had an average of 50% section loss with some piles completely detached. Those under the concrete cap could not have new piles driven. Pile heights ranged from 15’ to 30’. The goal of the project was to restore all piles to original capacity for both axial and bending capacity while the dock remained open.

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A revolutionary solution for the reinforcement of infrastructure worldwide

PileMedic® is the fastest and most economical system for strengthening columns, underwater piles, utility poles, and bridge piling with little disruption of service.

The Strongest Material Properties on the Market

PileMedic® PLC100.60
PileMedic® PLC60.60
Five Star PileForm F
Five Star Rock Water
Simpson Strongtie FX-70
Denso SeaShield Series 500

PileMedic® by QuakeWrap

"We are dedicated in our ongoing partnership with the U.S. military to preserve and extend the life of its infrastructure worldwide."

Prof. Mo Ehsani, Ph.D, PE, SE, President/CEO of QuakeWrap and developer of the PileMedic® repair system


We invite you to watch videos of some of our projects to appreciate the ease of installation of this amazingly versatile product.