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Marine Infrastructure Live

Recent Podcast Episodes

Learn & Grow:

  • Upgrade Techniques: Discover how to improve your marina docks, sheet piles, columns, piles, and mooring cells.
  • Expert Guidance: Gain insights from Prof Mo Ehsani and Josh Ahumada on marine infrastructure repair and strengthening.
  • Innovative Solutions: Learn about cutting-edge solutions for marine infrastructure management and implementation.

Engage with the Experts:

  • Exclusive Interviews: Delve into insightful interviews with industry experts.
  • Interactive Q+A Sessions: Get your questions answered in engaging Q+A segments.
  • Real-World Projects: Get a behind-the-scenes look at real-time projects and data-backed strategies being implemented globally.

Recent Webinars

Each episode of Marine Infrastructure Live is recorded live on the 1st Thursday of every month. Each episode is open for anyone to join so if you’d like to learn or have specific questions or topics you’d like us to cover go ahead and click below to sign-up!


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