Rapid Pile Repair Using PileMedic®

U.S. Navy and Army divers demonstate PileMedic®'s Rapid Pile Repair Capabilities in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Kangaroo Point Bridge, Australia

Corrosion damaged concrete columns in Kangaroo Point Bridge (Brisbane, Australia) being repaired and strengthened with PileMedic®. This system not only protects the column but it also strengthens the column to resist greater loads.

Steel Bridge Pile Repair

Indiana DOT begins using PileMedic® to strengthen steel piles underneath their bridges. PileMedic® is the Strongest, Fastest, One-Size-Fits-All jacket on the market.

Underwater Installation

A time-lapse video of three localized repairs being done for testing. Three piles were wrapped and grouted in two hours!

PileMedic® Installation

A time-lapse video of five localized repairs being done for testing. Five piles wrapped in three hours!

Installation Video Manual

PileMedic® can be sold in kits with installation instructions for contractors to follow.

Repair of Strong-Beam Weak-Column

Many older non-ductile concrete frames in seismic regions have weak columns and strong beams. Our patented technology allows fast and cost-effective retrofit of these structures with little loss of precious floor area..

Repair of ASR-Contaminated Concrete Piles in Crocodile-Infested River

PileMedic® ended a 15-year long search for a solution to repair these submerged piles in Australia. The piles were damaged by alkali silica reaction (ASR) and the river was infested with crocodiles.

Repair of Submerged Timber Piles

Twenty deteriorated timber piles of varying sizes were repaired in this project in Port O'Connor, Texas. The video shows how long sections of a pile can be repaired without the need for divers.

Repair of corrosion damaged columns

Tucson Electric Power Company (TEP) utilized our glass laminates for repair of nearly 70 corroded steel poles in substations. No shutdown was necessary for the repairs! Click here to read a published article about this project.

Pilemedic® for encapsulated underwater piles.

Condominium in Miami, FL, where all deteriorated underwater piles were repaired with PileMedic® glass laminates with no need for coffer dams. To read an article about this project published in Concrete Repair Bulletin, click here.

Restoration of structurally deficient bridge piles.

Missouri DOT St. Louis Bridges; some 50 deteriorated steel pilings were repaired in a record time, improving the bridge rating for these structures. Click here to read a published article about this project

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