In the late 1980s, Professor Mo Ehsani pioneered the field of repair and retrofit of structures with Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) products.

PileMedic® is a technology developed following 25 years of research and development. These laminates are constructed with specially designed equipment. Sheets of carbon or glass fabric up to 5-feet wide are saturated with resin and passed through a press that applies uniform heat and pressure to produce the laminate.

PileMedic® is a patented technology that is only offered through QuakeWrap, Inc. Professor Ehsani founded QWI in 1994 focusing on providing engineering design and FRP materials to clients who were seeking such services in the early years of this industry. Numerous awards of excellence from the industry have recognized both QWI and FRPC. In December 2009, Dr. Ehsani left the University of Arizona as a Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering to fully devote his attention to the growth of QuakeWrap Inc.



One Size Fits All

A roll of laminate can be cut in the field to fit any shape or size pile.


Axial and Flexural Strength

PileMedic® laminates are reinforcing sheets, like steel plates. They have the equivalent strength of a #4 rebar spaced every 2.5 inches.


Confinement Pressure

No bolted or glued seams that become the weak point under loading.


Long Lifespan

Made of composite materials that will not corrode


Ease of Installation

Minimal training and equipment needed for rapid installations.


Full Restoration of Pile Capacity

Full capacity is reached within 24 hours..

  • "In a business where compliments are few and far between, I would like to assign credit to a few good men. I would like to thank your exemplary employees, as they championed this project from start to finish with enthusiasm unknown to most construction work. ” — Inspector Salt Lake City Department of Public Utilities

  • "Piles are now being repaired in an hour compared to a day." Navy Commander

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