The Permanent Solution for Pile Restoration

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    The many unique features of PileMedic® jackets have resulted in the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Urban Search and Rescue Program singling out PileMedic® as the only product recommended for fast repair and strengthening of piles or columns that are damaged in a disaster such as hurricane, earthquake, explosion, etc. To see a copy of the report please click here.

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  • Repair of Timber Bridge Piles

    Many bridge piles are damaged by marine borers and the dry-wet cycles. The historic Powder Point Bridge in Duxbury, MA is the longest timber bridge (2200 ft or 660 m long) in the U.S. PileMedic® pre-manufactured shells (PS) were used to repair nearly 200 piles on this bridge. The jackets provide a seamless shell and high confining pressure for a long maintenance-free service life.

    PileMedic® Pile Renovation with FRP
  • Raising Building Elevation by Pile Extension

    Many buildings in flood-prone regions are required to be raised to new elevations to meet the latest FEMA flood maps. PileMedic® offers a unique patent-pending solution where the piles can be cut and raised or extended to new heights in place without the need to move the building away from its footprint. The extended pile becomes stronger than new. The technique is ideal for situations when the building cannot be moved away during the repair.

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  • Repair of Utility Poles in Service

    Corrosion-damaged steel poles and columns in industrial facilities can be repaired in a few hours while the facility remains fully operational. The retrofit can be designed to enhance both axial and flexural capacity of the pole or column. The carbon or glass PileMedic® laminates will prevent the corrosion of the host structure, offering a long maintenance-free service life.

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  • Corrosion-Damaged Bridge Piles

    The ease of installation of PileMedic® allows repair and strengthening of corrosion-damaged bridge piles without any disruption of service or road closure to the traveling public. The jackets can be installed over a portion or the entire height of the column. PileMedic® jackets offer significant gain in strength and will prevent further deterioration of the piling from deicing chemicals.

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  • Deteriorated Underwater Piles

    PileMedic®'s unique technology and moisture-insensitive resins allow repair and strengthening of piles underwater eliminating the need for coffer dams. In many cases, these repairs can be performed without the need for costly divers. The jacket stops the flow of oxygen to the pile, and nearly ends the corrosion process!

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  • Weak or Damaged Timber Utility Poles

    Years of weather, sun and bugs cause deterioration and weakening of utility poles, resulting in breakage of these poles during storms. Moreover, installation of new & heavier antennas require strengthening of these poles. At PileMedic® we have developed patent-pending techniques that allow us to repair these poles in place while they remain fully charged. This offers great advantage to customers of utility companies that will not experience any disruption in service during the repair.

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PileMedic®: The Permanent Solution for Pile Restoration

Over the last three decades, many solutions and products for encasement and repair of piles have been introduced. These products lack a scientific approach to solving the problem. As a result, numerous shortcomings exist with the pile repair systems that have been offered to date.

PileMedic® is a patent-pending product developed by Professor Mo Ehsani following 20 years of research and development. It is the most economical and the fastest system for strengthening columns, underwater piles, utility poles, and bridge piling with little disruption to traffic. The unique engineering features of this product resulted in the US Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA's Urban Search & Rescue Program singling out PileMedic® as the only system for fast repair of columns and piles that are damaged in a disaster such as hurricane, earthquake, terrorism, etc. The detailed instructions for how to install PileMedic® carbon laminates are shown on pages 4-4 and 4-5 of the 7th edition of the Field Operations Guide (FOG) and can be viewed by clicking here.

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