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The largest recorded earthquake in the United States was a magnitude 9.2 that struck Prince William Sound, Alaska on Good Friday, March 28, 1964.




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We like to keep up on all the stories around the world regarding  Civil Engineering.

Below are a couple links we'd like to share with you.

Please be advised that these stories are  not associated with QuakeWrap, Inc. or it's affiliated companies.


Link to all the bridges in the USA that are in need of repair or are just plain ugly!

Video of a 30 story building that was built in just 15 days!


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Eureka! Economical Solution to Looming Crisis

Good News: There is an economical solution to the failing  infrastructure crisis we are experiencing worldwide.  With the new revolutionary technologies that are being developed by Prof. Mo Ehsani, 100-plus-year-old major pipelines are being repaired, underwater piles and bridges are being restored and all at a fraction of the time and cost it would normally take using conventional methods.

Despite the number of awards that have been granted with the use of these products, the obstacles that are faced daily is the lack of knowledge from consumers that this type of technology is even available to them.

Every time I watch a story in the news about how much it's going to cost to repair one of America's crumbling infrastructures, I want to shout at the tv screen, "Wait! We can help!"  

Like the famous catch-phrase immortalized by Richard Anderson in The Six Million Dollar Man, the following tends to come to mind when I think of what this company is capable of:  "We can rebuild"..."we have the technology."  Better than before, stronger, faster! (And infinitely less expensive than building a bionic man.)  

This is exciting stuff! So please take the time to read up on all the products and success stories featured here and on our website. You too can contribute to restoring a safer future by spreading the word!  


Below are links to recent magazine articles where our company has been featured. Here you will be able to read up on the many uses and applications of our award-winning products!



We're Not Just Making History ~ We're Preserving It!

Seismic Retrofit of the LA County Museum of Natural History.

From historic museums, theatres and landmarks, QuakeWrap, Inc. has been the economic salvation in helping to keep these wonderful treasures alive.

Upcoming Events:

Gas Technology Institute Webinar 

Jan. 31, 2012 - 11am ET
Prof. Mo Ehsani will be one of the guest speakers for this webinar that will provide an overview of a recently completed award winning project. To see if space is still available, please  contact Alicia Farag at:


"Trenchless Technology, SSES and Buried Asset Mgmt." Seminar

Feb. 1-2, 2012- Atlanta, GA
Seminar presentations will discuss a variety of Trenchless Technologies. For more info 
Click Here.


NASTT's No-Dig Show Award Presentation

 March 11-15, 2012 - Nashville, TN
PipeMedic by QuakeWrap, Inc. will be presented   Trenchless Technology's Project of The Year Award at the upcoming NASTT's No-Dig Show in Dallas, TX.  If you are planning to attend this amazing event, please come and visit us at 
Booth #117. We look forward to meeting with you! For more info. on registering for this event, Click Here.


ACI - Art of Concrete - Spring Convention

March 18-22, 2012 - Dallas, TX

Learn the latest in concrete technology and practices. Leaders in the concrete industry will be here networking and speaking about the ever-changing world of concrete technology. For more information about this convention, Click Here.

PipeMedic and PileMedic

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